Glocal is a process platform to make healthcare affordable, accessible and accountable

Set up in 2010, Glocal is a social venture that seeks to bring State of Art Healthcare to the rural population in India through an integrated model of block level comprehensive primary & secondary care hospitals, digital dispensaries and technology. Glocal stands for global quality, delivered at a local level.

It is an ambitious dream to take healthcare to everybody, penetrating in every corner of the country. Glocal aims to provide comprehensive primary and secondary healthcare, using a rational, technology-based standardized platform. Glocal is a social venture that seeks to bring state of the art healthcare to the unserved and underserved parts of India.

Glocal’s goal is to set standards for healthcare, by making healthcare process and standard driven. Primarily, the Glocal Model is a patient-centric model. It is not equipment or drug dependent. It treats people, not diseases. The emphasis is on uncompromising transparency and without unnecessary diagnostic tests, drugs, interventions or surgeries.

Glocal has dramatically brought down the cost of healthcare service delivery to patients. The hospitals have adopted a collaborative approach with the local healthcare ecosystem in each new location, establishing a strong presence.

Glocal Healthcare Systems

Key People

Leading a winning team




M.Damodaran has been many things – a civil servant, Chairman of a DFI (IDBI), a financial institution (UTI). Chairman of the SEBI; but more than anything else, he has been a creator of institutions and the biggest name in corporate governance. A life spent in creating a better country with strong processes and transparency.

Sabahat Azim

Sabahat Azim

Founder CEO

Always restless, Sabahat has been a doctor, a student leader, a bureaucrat(lAS), a private sector CEO & now an entrepreneur. His style is to think, design, create and repeat this process again & again until the vision is achieved. A polymath, whose first aim is to learn and then to create. A peddler of dreams who translates vision into reality.

Gautam Chowdhury

Gautam Chowdhury

CEO, Digital Dispensaries

A business man and yet a complete process based leader. Gautam is methodical and systematic In his approach to implementation. He plans to meticulous detail and executes dispassionately, believing that if work has been done in advance then there should be flawless execution. An avid rower & swimmer too.

Ashutosh Shrivastava

Ashutosh Shrivastava

CEO, Glocal Hospitals

From an airman to a CEO, Ashutosh has seen it all. A people’s person anti an old salt – the translator of vision to execution He believes in action like no one else. He is always in the field, either building, managing or leading from the front.


Richa Azim

Chief, Budgets & Monitoring

Software Engineering to Process Improvement to Control & Audit, Richa holds the purse strings, keeping watch on the expenditure and ensuring economy & efficiency. She watches the back as the rest of the team plays on the front foot. Someone who brings sense & sensibility.