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Digital Dispensary

India has been grappling with a number of health problems, with a majority of them rooting back the problem of the growing demand.  There is a prodigious mismatch between the demand and supply of healthcare infrastructure and services, with the demand far outstripping the supply.

Almost 74% of doctors in India happen to be concentrated in urban areas, leaving the rural areas underserved. These 74% of doctors are catering only to a third of the urban population of India, or no more than 442 million people. While in the rural sector, the PHCs suffer from acute shortage of doctors. It is estimated that 600 million people in India are with little or no access to healthcare. Thus, India’s existing infrastructure is just not enough to cater to the growing demand.

In such a scenario, Glocal Digital Dispensaries are proving to be the potential catalysts to improve the quality and accessibility of healthcare in India. Penetrating deep in the rural sectors, Glocal Digital Dispensaries are solving the problem of accessibility, affordability and availability of primary healthcare.

A Digital Dispensary or a hospital in a box is an innovative brick and mortar centre which aims at providing complete primary healthcare solution such as consultation, confirmatory tests, and medicines from a single point. It is a path-breaking innovation which lets us parade into the world of tomorrow. Capable of running a hospital sans surgery, Digital Dispensary is a wonder in itself. The Digital Dispensary is an important component of the Glocal strategy because it links the hospitals in the cities to the rural areas.

A Digital Dispensary comes with three major components. LitmusMX, LitmusDX and LitmusRX.

Capable of running a hospital sans surgery, LitmusMX is a wonder in itself. It is basically a sleek assembly of off-the-shelf diagnostic equipment tweaked for easy operation, electronic recording of information and implanted with a custom written algorithmic software for interpretation. LitmusDX, on the other hand, is a clinical decision support system that provides end-to-end diagnostic and therapeutic tools to physicians. LitmusRX, also known as the Health ATM, is an electronically controlled medicine dispensing device.

Compared to the traditional primary health centre, the Digital Dispensary needs only a qualified nurse to feed data into the LitmusMX, while the doctor sitting at the other end gets to examine them and prescribe accordingly. A visit to the Digital Dispensary can cost as little as Rs 99, making it affordable for every stratum of the society.

Glocal currently runs as many as 133 Digital Dispensaries across Rajasthan, Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Manipur- in areas mostly devoid of basic Primary Healthcare services. This innovation –borne out of necessity aims to penetrate more into the far-reached corners of the country in the near future, ensuring that healthcare reaches every person.

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