Glocal Goes Global: Signs MoU with Africa Medical Solutions for setting up Digital Dispensaries in West Africa

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16 August, Kolkata: Glocal Healthcare, an Indian integrated healthcare provider, has signed an agreement today with Africa Medical Solutions (AMS) in a bid to empower the African health sector with innovative solutions to provide primary healthcare through digital dispensaries in West Africa. The agreement is for setting up Digital Dispensaries and Hellolyf telemedicine app expansion in Ivory Coast, Benin, Liberia and Mali with Africa Medical Solutions within the next calendar year. Glocal will provide the technology and backend services with AMS being the implementer and local partner in West Africa.

Glocal Digital Dispensary aims at providing complete primary healthcare solution such as consultation, confirmatory tests, and medicines from a single point. Within a short span of time, these Digital Dispensaries are proving to be the potential catalysts to improve the quality and accessibility of healthcare in India. On the other hand, HelloLyf is a 24 hours virtual OPD which provides seamless online video consultations with doctors and specialists- aiming to overcome the barriers to health services caused by distance between patient and provider.

Africa Medical Solutions (AMS), a subsidiary of Asia Africa Business Consultant, (ASAFBC), responds to the healthcare needs of the African underserved population by delivering innovative and scalable solutions adapted to the African environment. On the other hand, Glocal Healthcare- an Indian Healthcare service provider – seeks to bring State of Art Healthcare in India through an integrated model of block level comprehensive primary & secondary care Hospitals, Digital Dispensaries and Technology. With both AMS and Glocal’s aim being affordable, accessible and accountable healthcare – it is a match made in heaven.

Glocal currently runs 10 super-specialty hospitals in tier 2 and tier 3 cities of India along with 150+ Digital Dispensaries in the states of Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand and West Bengal.

The Sub-Saharan African countries account for 11% of the world’s population but account for 25% of the global burden of disease, compared with 10% and 9% respectively for Europe (UN figures and IFRI 2015). The number of health personnel too, is lacking in Africa- with accessibility being the major issue. Through Digital Dispensaries and Hellolyf app, AMS and Glocal are aiming to conquer these demons.

AMS plans on spreading their wings through Glocal Digital Dispensaries and Hellolyf telemedicine app to other parts of Africa, as well, in the near future.

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