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Glocal Hospital revolutionizes healthcare with complex surgeries in small towns

December 02, 2023
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New Delhi: Glocal Hospital in Berhampore, West Bengal, has ushered in a new era of accessible healthcare by successfully performing complex surgeries that were previously unavailable in the region. This groundbreaking development highlights the hospitals commitment to bringing high-quality medical care to underserved communities in smaller towns and villages across India.

Sukur Sheikh, whose name has been changed for privacy reasons, arrived at Glocal Hospital in Berhampore in early September, suffering from severe leg pain and an inability to walk. Despite seeking medical assistance from various doctors, including consultations in Kolkata, his condition remained unresolved. After a series of diagnostic scans, it was revealed that Sukur had a Space Occupying Lesion, later identified as a massive bone tumor on his thigh. Dr. R. K. Garg, Orthopaedic Surgeon at Glocal Hospital, performed a four-hour surgery that successfully removed the entire tumor while preserving all arteries and nerves. Remarkably, Sukur was discharged just five days after the surgery and is now able to walk unassisted.

Dr. Sabahat S. Azim, Chairman and Co-Founder of Glocal Healthcare Systems, commented on this milestone achievement: This kind of operation was earlier not possible in Berhampore. But Glocal has made it routine. Our hospital is committed to providing top-tier healthcare services to smaller towns and rural areas, ensuring that life-changing surgeries are accessible to all. Our mission is to bridge the healthcare gap in India, saving limbs, lives, and unnecessary expenses.

Glocal Hospital, a 100-bed Superspeciality hospital, offers a wide range of medical services, including Critical Care, Ophthalmology, General Surgery, Gynecology, Neurosurgery, Urology, and Orthopedics. The hospital is at the forefront of performing complex surgeries every week, making advanced healthcare accessible and affordable to the local population. Importantly, Glocal Hospital offers its services at one-third of the cost of hospitals in larger cities and metropolitan areas.

Glocal Healthcare Systems, founded by Dr. Sabahat S. Azim, a medical doctor and ex-IAS officer, in 2010, operates 11 similar hospitals in smaller cities, fulfilling the critical healthcare needs of underserved communities. Dr. Azims vision was to reimagine healthcare delivery by building cost-effective hospitals in a fraction of the industry-standard time. These hospitals are equipped to deliver high-end multispecialty and acute care, with a focus on evidence-based protocols encoded in an AI-enabled Clinical Decision Support System. Glocals ICUs boast an impressive survival rate of nearly 90%, surpassing benchmarks set in the United States, and a third-party survey recorded patient satisfaction at an impressive 96%.