"Your Choice Of Healthcare That Is Affordable, Accessible And Accountable"

Glocal Healthcare attempts to create a scalable healthcare system that is accessible across the country

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Digital Dispensary

"With Glocal Digital Dispensary, Good Health Knows No Barriers."

With its vast reservoir of doctors, extensive reach and commitment to universal health for all, Glocal Digital Dispensary is uniquely positioned to steer health and technology in directions that will benefit local, national and global communities

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"Wherever You Go, Our Health Network Follows"

Let long queues and waiting time be a thing of the past! Take the responsibility of your health in your own hands with “HELLOLYF” – 24*7 Video Consultations With Doctors and Specialists

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USP of Glocal

Glocal has proven that healthcare can be delivered affordably, everywhere, anytime and with measurable results better than the most expensive healthcare systems.

It has earned revenues in its development phase and therefore also proved to buyers that its tech & process platform works.

The technologies it has created are unique.

There already are a large number of buyers both contracted and in pipeline.


Latest Jobs in Glocal

Here are our latest jobs in Glocal.

Tech Enabled, Process Driven Health System


Telemedicine Services for National Health Mission, Madhya Pradesh

Glocal Healthcare selected to set up 550 Telemedicine Centres in the Primary Health Care locations in the districts of Rewa , Jabalpur and Sagar.

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Digital Dispensaries

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